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Periodontal Disease, often called “Gum Disease”, is an extremely common oral problem, in fact, it is one of the most common diseases in America.

Researchers estimate that as much as 80% of the population struggles with some form of Gum Disease, whether a mild form (known as Gingivitis, which is reversible) or a more advanced form (known as Periodontitis, where actual bone around the teeth is lost). The symptoms of Gum Disease include:

Regardless of how light or severe your periodontal needs may be, Dr. Huggins and her staff are here to help, offering minimally-invasive care for Gum Disease. Ideally, Dr. Huggins would like to see all of her patients achieve optimum oral health that would then require just regular six month checkups. Three and four month checkups are available as needed, as well.

What causes Gum Disease?

Gum Disease is caused by a combination of bacteria and plaque. If this combination is allowed to build up over time, around your teeth and gums, it will harden into tarter. The oral soft tissue can recede and actual bone loss around the teeth may occur. Left unchecked, tooth loss may occur. Gum Disease is the number once cause of tooth loss in adults due to the effect that bacteria and plaque can have on your tooth roots.

That is why early detection and treatment are vitally important. If left untreated, Gum Disease can have a dramatic impact on your oral health and may even lead to an increased risk of other kinds of health problems including Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Pregnancy Complications, and more.

 Common Forms of Periodontal Therapy

The most common forms of periodontal therapy include scaling and root planing. Dr. Huggins and her staff are happy to offer nonsurgical care. More advanced cases can be referred to a Periodontist (specialist in gums and supportive tissues).

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