General Dentistry


When you are looking for the best dentist for your particular needs, you will want to find a practice that offers a broad array of services for you and your family.

At Dr. Huggins Office, we offer just that to families in DeSoto County and surrounding areas.

While offering a wide variety of restorative services, our primary objection is preventing the problems that necessitate reparative work in the first place.

To help protect your family from dental damage, we provide the following services:

When situations do warrant, Dr. Huggins’ office is capable of providing a variety of restorative services, including Tooth-Colored Fillings, Extractions, Crowns, Bridges, Root Canals, Partials, Dentures, and Implant Restoration.

Dr. Huggins has a good working relationship with many of the dental specialists in the area and will refer to them as situations requiring their expertise arise.


The Mouth Body Connection

Keeping your mouth healthy is very important. It actually affects your overall well-being. Both males and females who suffer from gum disease, for example, are at an increased risk of developing a variety of systemic health conditions, including:


Dr. Huggins stresses the prevention of periodontal disease. Preventing substantial problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, is always her goal. Oral Cancer screenings are performed at checkups as another way to protect you and your family. Oral Cancer is an aggressive disease that is responsible for thousands of deaths every year. Early detection is always best for possible successful treatment. Dr. Huggins and her staff stress smoking and smokeless tobacco cessation.

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