Root Canals


Root canals are necessary when the nerve and pulp inside the tooth become damaged beyond repair.

Technically, the root canal of a tooth consists of nerve and blood vessel tissue… the living part of the tooth. Once this tissue becomes insulted enough, the tooth begins to “die”. Infection can then set in, causing an abscess. A root canal is performed to remove the infected tissue to allow the infection to resolve.


Causes for a tooth to “die” include:


An abscess is a pus-filled pocket at the base of the root. Symptoms of an abscess include:


Dental infections should not be taken lightly. Not only is there pain associated with a dental abscess, but if left untreated, cellulitis may set in and become a true medical emergency. Dr. Huggins does many root canals in her office but refers her molar root canals out to endodontists in the area. Crowning a tooth after a root canal is almost always indicated.


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