While prevention of dental problems is always stressed at Dr. Huggins office, there are times when a tooth needs to be extracted.


Some reasons for extraction include:


Dr. Huggins does most of the extractions in her office. She does, however, refer patients to oral surgeons for impacted teeth and for patients requiring intravenous sedation.

Every effort is made to make the patient as comfortable as possible during an extraction appointment. Dr. Huggins tries to clear up as much of the infection as possible with antibiotics before the tooth is removed to help insure maximum anesthesia. Nitrous Oxide is also available to help relax patients, if desired.

Once a patient loses a tooth, Dr. Huggins tries to offer as many options for replacement as possible. Adequate chewing function is vital for overall health, so replacement is key. If a lost tooth is not replaced, remaining teeth may shift or supererupt, causing loss of comfortable function and possible affects to their own longevity.

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