Bite Guards


Biteguards or mouthguards are worn over the teeth to protect from injury, whether during sports or from grinding.

While biteguards may be found over-the-counter, a custom biteguard may feel and fit better and seem less bulky. Having a biteguard that is comfortable to wear, resistant to tears, durable and easy to clean, and does not restrict breathing or speech should always be taken into consideration.

A mouthguard should always be worn by anyone (child or adult) who plays sports. A mouthguard helps reduce the risk of mouth-related injuries, including chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage, and even tooth loss.

A mouthguard, or biteguard, should also be worn by patients who suffer from bruxism (a.k.a. severe grinding and wearing of the teeth). Dr. Huggins makes biteguards for both men and women, but women seem to outweigh men in that ratio. Bruxism can be caused by many things, but stress can be a major influence. Dr. Huggins instructs her patients to wear their biteguards at night while sleeping and any other time they consciously feel stress; i.e., driving in traffic, taking an exam, etc.

Fabricating a biteguard is a very easy process. The first step involves Dr. Huggins making an impression so a model can be made. The biteguard is formed out of heavy or flexible plastic, depending on the patient’s needs, to fit the model. This allows for a custom fit. Easy home care instructions are given. Wearing a biteguard protects teeth and can help ease a painful temporomandibular¬†joint.


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